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Order the car you’ve always wished for and we will deliver it “ready to go”!

We can help you get rid of all the nuisance that comes with purchasing a vehicle so that all you have left to do is to fully enjoy your new car!


Do you want to buy a new or used car, but you don’t have the time to look for the exact model and configuration you need?Or perhaps you don’t have the time to handle the complicated administrative tasks that come with the purchase?

Because you’ll see the whole process as a chore you might end up compromising and giving up on the ideal equipment. You will risk buying a car that you are not completely happy with and that might have hidden faults.

It is only natural that you would like to invest your time in something more important than online research and administrative procedures. It is also natural to have high expectations from your new purchase.

That's why WEBCAR takes care of everything for you.
You just sit back, enjoy your life and let your new car find you!


Used Cars with Warranty

The car you buy is verified, and comes with a detailed technical and aesthetic evaluation conducted independently, prior to the purchase. The photos and the descriptions you see in our offer reflect the real condition of the car, without any omissions. For your safety, you can opt for up to three years of additional extended car warranty.

New Cars with Short Delivery Time

We ensure safe and fast delivery of any make and model with any configuration you choose. Furthermore, we provide you with professional assistance in choosing the model and feature configuration, in line with your own personal preferences.

Any Car of your Choice Securely Traded

By purchasing your car through the WEBCAR platform, you have the advantage of a secured trade: there are no hidden costs nor hidden fees. The car is delivered with all the necessary documents and verified in the European databases. Choose WEBCAR with confidence! All the operations required when purchasing a car will be completed correctly and in accordance with the requests.

Imagine the car of your dreams waiting for you in the parking lot! Flawless and shiny. The fine lines and smooth contours, the beautiful upholstery, the feel of the steering wheel, the sound of the engine…

With WEBCAR, your dream becomes reality:

the car can be yours in no time, featuring all the equipment and configuration you desire.

Guaranteed by "WEBCAR Buyer protection"


By purchasing your car through WEBCAR you will benefit from "WEBCAR Buyer protection". The purchase takes place under maximum security, the car is covered by a warranty and the whole process is transparent and traceable in accordance with the norms and regulations certified by ISO 9001:2015.

"WEBCAR Buyer protection" actually means: being happy about the choice you made and having eliminated all the worries regarding the tedious administrative tasks.

The cars we deliver are a maximum of 8 years old, have a verified mileage of a maximum of 150,000 kilometres. They are sold by approved dealers.

WEBCAR does not compromise on quality of services, therefore you can be certain that the car you purchase is in excellent condition.


Extended Warranty for your Car

Choose 1 up to 3 years of extended warranty for your car bought through WEBCAR!

Bespoke Personal Assistance

Together we will choose the most suitable car for you! You will receive continuous consulting throughout the process, including customized configuration for new cars. You know what car you want, but you are not sure you made the best choice. Leave it to us! The WEBCAR team has extensive knowledge in the automotive field, acquired over a number of years. Rest assured that we will provide the best support in purchasing the car that perfectly suits all your needs and preferences.

Technical and Aesthetic Evaluation of Used Cars

All used cars bought through WEBCAR are carefully evaluated. The used cars are evaluated by accredited companies. Each vehicle that is shipped to our customers is accompanied by a complete technical and aesthetic evaluation report.

Transaction Security

Purchase your car with the certainty that the transaction is completely safe! Get your car through WEBCAR and you will benefit from absolute purchase security. All payments, including international ones, are made through secured platforms. WEBCAR has extensive experience in the field of international acquisitions and car imports.

We Deliver your Car "Ready to Go"

Choose your car and we will deal with the rest! Your car, purchased through WEBCAR, comes with all the administrative tasks taken care of. Don't worry about car evaluation, safe purchase, or home delivery! We will handle everything. You just fill in the order form and tell us what we can do for you.

Safe Transport

We deliver your car quickly and safely, using authorised and insured means of transport. Also, we deliver your car to your home or to any other location you choose on a special trailer, perfectly safe and with maximum care.

After-Sales Service

24/7 roadside assistance will be provided anywhere in Europe. WEBCAR offers you permanent, on-call roadside assistance. Everything is only a phone call away. Our trustworthy service partners across Europe are ready at any time to assist you in case of emergency 24/7.


You benefit from complete car sales services with WEBCAR! Order your car, we deliver it and you are "ready to go"! We build lifelong relationships with our customers. After the purchase experience through WEBCAR you will want to buy your next car through us, too.



Years experience


Connected countries


Served customers


Interconnected dealers

WEBCAR Buyer Protection

The purchase takes place under maximum security, the car is covered by a warranty and the whole process is transparent and traceable.

You will receive the exact car you have chosen, with the features and configurations you have selected. At the end of the buying process you will receive your car “ready to go”.

1. WEBCAR Guaranteed for each car delivered
WEBCAR Guaranteed means that you are happy with the choice you made and you can be sure that the car you buy is in excellent condition and is well maintained. 

2. Bespoke personal assistance
We help you choose the desired car, with the correct configuration and equipment. You just let us know what you expect from your new car and we will transform all these expectations to reality

3. Transaction security
All payments, irrespective of the country they have been made in, are secure, monitored and verified.

4. Technical and aesthetic evaluation
All WEBCAR cars are delivered after having undergone a thorough technical and aesthetic inspection.

5. Verified partners and dealers
Our partners and dealers are verified and approved, so transactions with them are always carried out safely, in compliance with the deadlines and conditions imposed by us.

6. ISO 9001:2015 certified procedures
Our quality management systems function in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certified procedures

7. Warranty and extended warranty
All the cars purchased through WEBCAR will automatically benefit from the bonus “Basic” warranty. You will have the opportunity to opt for an extended warranty.

8. Safe delivery
Your car will be delivered on an authorised trailer, under conditions of maximum security, and the transportation is entirely covered by insurance.

9. Pre-delivery inspection
Absolutely all the cars we deliver undergo a final inspection in order to make sure that the car arrives at your address in impeccable state.

10. We deliver your car “ready to go”
WEBCAR delivers your car “ready to go”, so you can enjoy it right from the moment of delivery!

11. After sales services
WEBCAR provides a wide range of after sales services specially designed to accommodate all your needs.


You are thinking of buying a car
You choose the car you want or ask for assistance
We check and evaluate your car
You accept the offer and finalize the payment
We deliver your car to your door
You are happy and "ready to go"!


About the services offered and the experience of working with Webcar

Hi! I wanted to thank the WEBCAR team for their professionalism in the process of choosing and delivering my car! Your verifications were careful and correct, the information was real, and my family is very pleased with the partnership made with you.

Wellness coach

My lack of experience regarding the technical details, the way of checking the quality of the components, as well as the time required for searching for the car, determined me to call on the professionals in the field: I chose to collaborate with WEBCAR. I made the best choice! When the car was delivered to me, I was glad, because it was exactly what I expected.

Attorney at law

I am very pleased with the process of purchasing this car. The way the cars are presented on the website, the correct and fast way in which you manage to carry out the whole process, and the fast transport of the car, show that you are truly professional. The most important thing, however, is that the car is the real one, the one I chose, and not a cosmeticized one.

Private person


27+ Years of Experience in the Automotive Field

With 27+ years of experience in the field of car sales and consulting our team of experts will help you find the most suitable car for your needs!

400,000+ New and Used Cars in Online Showroom

The WEBCAR online showroom is home to over 400,000 cars. You have a very wide range of vehicles to choose from. You have all the chances to find a car with the configuration you wish for.

Consultancy in Multiple Languages

We provide you with wing-to-wing professional assistance. Our consultants speak several different languages, so feel free to address us in any language you feel most comfortable speaking.



You Know Exactly What Car You Want?

The new trend is to buy a car online. It's simpler, faster and it offers a wide variety of options to choose from in comparison to local car dealerships. The best place to buy your next car from is the WEBCAR online showroom. Find your car and don’t hesitate to place your online order now!

We support you throughout the whole purchase process, starting with advice in choosing the model and configuration of the car and all the way up to delivering it to your home. With us, everything becomes very simple: you just choose WEBCAR services and you are ready to go!

No Idea Where to Start From?

Ask for an offer and we will assist you throughout the process of purchasing your car, step by step. Trust WEBCAR on this!

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