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Cookie policy

1. What is a cookie?

Currently used by almost all web pages, a cookie is a small text file, consisting of letters and numbers, which is stored on the computer, mobile device or other electronic equipment from which internet pages are accessed. The cookie is installed by a request made by a web-server to a browser (eg Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) upon first accessing a web page; it does not contain software, viruses or spyware and, at the same time, cannot access the information on the user’s hard disk. This type of file, on the other hand, allows the recognition of the user’s electronic device and equipment and the display of Internet pages by adapting the content to the individual preferences of the user, optimizing also the loading time of the pages. The lifetime of a cookie is not fixed, but may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are used exclusively for an access session (session cookies) and are not saved after the user leaves the website, while other cookies are retained and reused each time the user returns to that website (persistent cookies), either for a period of time set by the server, or until they are manually deleted by the user.

The Cookies Directive

Protecting your personal data while using our webpage is a priority for us in terms of our collaboration, which is why we inform you in detail about the collection of personal data and non-personal data. The right to use personal data and anonymous data belongs to NextCar GmbH, within the limits provided by law. Our website uses software to analyze the usage. By evaluating the data thus collected, we can obtain useful information regarding the needs of the users, information that contributes to improving the quality of our offer. Thus, for each accessing one or more pages on the site, the following data set is stored without restriction:

  • IP address of the computer transmitting the request, anonymously;
  • The date and time of the consultation, respectively of the request;
  • Name of the page you consulted or the file consulted;
  • Reference to the page on which this page is viewed;
  • The browser used by the user, including its version;
  • The operating system on the device used by the user.

2. The cookie settings on this web page

2.1. Cookies that do not require your consent: “Category: Necessary”

Cookies that are absolutely necessary, also called “Category: Necessary”, provide functions without which you cannot properly use the web page. These files are used exclusively by us, without being transmitted to third parties, and are stored only for the current browser session on your computer. Among the cookies that are absolutely necessary are also the so-called “Session-Cookies”, without which the functions behind the connection cannot be activated and, by default, it is not possible to connect. In addition, such cookies ensure, for example, when changing the page from http to https (secure connection), the functionality of the page and compliance with the security requirements regarding data transfer. The user’s consent is not required to use the absolutely necessary cookies. Cookies that are absolutely necessary cannot be disabled by the function of this page. However, they can be disabled at any time using the browser used.

2.2 Third-Party Cookies that require your approval: “Category: Statistics” and “Category: Marketing”

Content belonging to third parties was integrated on this web page. While you access various pages on this site, these third-party providers may place cookies, thereby obtaining information about your access to those pages.

“Category: Statistics”

Statistical cookies help website administrators understand how its visitors interact with the pages, collecting and reporting information anonymously.

  • Google Analytics
  • Webcar statistics

“Category: Marketing”

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors on multiple websites. The intention is to display advertising relevant to the user and, by default, more valuable to the host and third parties.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • etc.

3. The settings of your cookies

You can set your browser to allow cookies to be created only with your consent or rejected from the start. Please note, however, that, without cookies, certain areas of the webpage may not be used at all or may be used only to a limited extent.

To change your cookie settings, you will need to configure your browser as follows:

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